Last night on Twitter the arrogant, egotistical rapper Kanye West unleashed what could be one of the most revealing rants of all time. What he admitted is what a lot of people have been saying for years about him, but it's finally come to light with his own admission! Kanye West isn't just broke, his networth is actually the exact opposite of the $100 mil he once claimed he had.


You can see it for yourself folks, Kanye West admits he is $53 mil in debt! Which you would never know based on his songs and videos where Yeezy can be seen throwing around large sums of money, or his interviews where he can be heard bragging about how many mansions he owns, how expensive his cars are, ect. But it gets even worse, not only did Kanye admit he's dead broke, he actually started begging billionaires to finance him just after he comparing his troubles to Paul, from the bible. 

Now although his "clothing line" if that's what he wants to call it may look like something you would see from that era, he is hardly a Paul. 

But as I said, the story gets even worse. Kanye actually begged billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page in order to help him pay his debt. 

Even saying that instead of building schools to help unknown amounts of children in Africa, help him instead. 

At this point we can see Kanye's entire persona is that of a liar, he's clearly horrible with money, clearly so self centered he would rather have billionaires give him money for his so called "art" that has failed so miserably he's $53mil in debt, despite him supposedly having a Networth of over $100 mil, and his wife having a network of $50-80mil. than help needy school children in some of the most impoverished area's of the world. At this point all we can do is sit back and laugh. 

At least he's always humble...

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