Frostburg, Maryland

On I-68/US 40, we passed a sign reading "Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt Here."

A temporary building stood next to a large foundation with many concrete struts and steel beams taking shape as the Biblical boat. Free literature explained "The Rebuilding of Noah's Ark as a Last Day Witness to the World."

In 1974, Pastor Richard Greene was repeatedly told by Jesus to build an Ark next to the interstate. The ark would be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Through a series of "miracles," materials and expertise was donated to get the project started in 1976. Greene has traveled around the world to show off the architect's drawings and plans, but things seemed to have stalled out at times. "As God provides, we will build."

Through periods of rapid and slow progress, miracles continue. "A visitor who stopped by to see what was happening was healed of bronchitis!" "A man was healed of a sun allergy he had all his life while working on the ark site!"

God has provided. In 1999, the massive steel beams for the Ark structure were installed. The next phase was to erect the roof beams.

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