For those who missed it, Kanye West accidentally tweeted a picture showing him listening to a new song on YouTube, problem was the full screen shot showed that he was also illegally downloading stuff from PirateBay, the same site that Kanye West himself flipped out over when his album showed up on it. To make matters worse, Deadmau5 who is also a part owner with Tidal, Jay Z's failing streaming service that Kanye West also is part of went after Kanye for the hypocrisy, which in return led to yet another Kanye West rant, one in which he claimed he didn't even know who deadmau5 was or have ever even met. Here's a picture of the two beside each other, they've not only met, but as previously stated they're partners. 

Once again we see Kanye West make a complete fool of himself, now he claims it was all a joke and he did it on purpose just to troll people. Sorry Kanye, like most of the things you say I.E. How well you're doing with money before begging Mark Zuckerberg to help bail you out of $53mil in debt, we don't believe you. 

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